Building a Portfolio Site With Vue, Bulma, and Airtable

Getting started: starting with the base-ics

Embedding a view or base

Using a formula in the primary field

Guide to the basic field types

Guide to formula, lookup, rollup, and other computed fields

A beginner’s guide to many-to-many relationships

Linked record fields


  • Search block - search one or more tables, one or more columns
  • Pivot table block - helps you summarize the information in a table by slicing and dicing it so you can look at it from different perspectives.
    • It works by grouping records together based on either one or two fields, and summarizing the data from those records, either by counting the number of records per group, or by using a specific summary function (like sum, average, or maximum) on another field.
  • Batch update block
    • allows you to specify multiple actions to update all the records in a view.
  • Page designer block
    • seems mostly just for creating static pages (e.g. custom invoices, business cards, catalogs), not web pages
  • Description block - write rich text notes or descriptions for other blocks or your entire base.
    • Use it to provide additional context for your base, store high-level checklists, or create documentation for your fellow team members to get them up to speed.
  • Record list block - creates a set of record cards from the records in a view to be displayed in the blocks panel.
    • You can sort and limit the number of cards shown in the block, making it useful for drawing attention to the most important records: for example, if you need to see the largest three deals in your sales pipeline, the five most recently published pieces from your editorial calendar, or all high-priority bugs.


Personal CRM

Deepen your current relationships and expand your network with this Personal CRM template. Keep track of friends, family, coworkers, mentors, service professionals, and anyone else who matters in your daily life. Typical CRMs are too rigid or too expensive, and relationships fall by the wayside if you rely purely upon memory.

This template is perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, contractors, sole proprietors, or anybody trying to advance their career. It is flexible enough to facilitate anybody trying to grow and cultivate their network systematically.

Get started immediately by adding your main contacts from your family, friends, colleagues, and any notable connections you’ve made. Seamlessly keep track of where your contacts live, currently work, contact information, and any additional information, such as hobbies or major life events. Planning an upcoming trip? Reach out to all your contacts that are overdue in the city you’re visiting to revive your connections. Continue to customize the template to match exactly the way you’d like to manage your network.

Lightweight CRM

Most CRM products make a few too many assumptions about how a CRM should work for you. We don’t pretend to understand your business better than you do. Get this lightweight CRM up and running in a matter of minutes and customize it to fit your unique needs today.

This template is perfect for startup founders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who need to manage relationships of all types.

It will give you a starting point to manage many different important strategic relationships for your startup or small business, including but not limited to customers, distribution partners, investors, and PR firms.


Meant for an internal PR or comms team, this template can be used to track press for competitors and journalist contacts. You can easily change it to match your own workflow, and add your own tables such as your past press hits and upcoming press events.

Product Messaging Library

Keeping your product message consistent is a challenge, especially when you manage a team where different people with distinct voices are writing external-facing copy. This template is perfect for the leader of a marketing department looking to keep all of their content true to one brand identity.

Use this collaborative product messaging template to streamline your message development by letting you cross-reference your marketing materials with the company’s internal style guide.

By serving as a single source of truth for your whole marketing team, this template helps your team figure out how to work together to get the right messaging to your target customers for each new product without ever compromising your brand identity.

PR & Media Lists

Stop the presses! Track your journalist contacts and competitors’ press mentions with this template.

Marketing campaign tracking

This campaign tracking template is perfect whether you are a small startup trying to make sure your digital marketing efforts get going smoothly or a large company who needs to track extensive ad campaigns with lots of components.

This template makes campaign tracking simple by letting you easily keep tabs on all the platforms your team relies on for marketing campaigns, whether you invest heavily in social media marketing, or spend more on Google AdWords and Facebook. The convenient URL builder also makes it easy to create and edit the perfect links with the UTM parameters of your choice.

With this template, you get a holistic view of your marketing efforts from digital advertising to email marketing. Intuitively organize your Google Analytics results to easily see the effectiveness of different landing pages, and compare the sign-ups and pageviews from various traffic sources to clearly see which platforms to concentrate your energy on. Check the progress you’ve made on each part of your campaign pipeline by sorting by the status of your marketing campaign, or using our convenient rollup fields for an easy summary of the campaign’s overall success.

Copy Management

All your copy, all in one place—and this template even includes a character count tracker to make sure you don’t get too long-winded.

Customer Testimonials

Are you looking to ground your next sales pitch or marketing page in positive feedback from actual customers? This customer testimonial template can help you gather all your best client quotes and stories in one place.

An effective testimonial from a real person can make all the difference in landing potential customers, and by storing all your customer reviews in one database, you can make a more informed decision about which ones will best suit your purposes.

With Airtable, you can tag each testimonial with its main themes, what social media site you found it on, and even upload video testimonials as well. Use those tags to filter through all your best customer stories and reviews and build a new homepage focused on exactly the aspects of your brand you want to promote. Or, when you’re on a sales call, pull up testimonial examples that address that potential client’s concerns.

Eisenhower Matrix

Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th president of the United States, was the Allied Forces Supreme Commander of the United States Army during World War II and served as NATO’s first supreme commander. Throughout these roles, Dwight Eisenhower had many important tasks resulting in making tough decisions continuously. To improve his long-term time management, Eisenhower built the structure now known as the Eisenhower matrix.

This template helps you prioritize your to-do list through a decision matrix. The Eisenhower decision matrix is often also referred to as the urgent-important matrix - separating urgent tasks from not urgent tasks; important tasks from unimportant tasks. The matrix will help prioritize and align your to-do list in the direction of your long-term goals.

SWOT Analysis

Even the most organized and experienced decision-making leaders can get overwhelmed juggling business planning, project management, or strategic planning. SWOT matrix is a tool that many leaders turn to for breaking down business strategy, calculating competitive position, and improving their decision-making processes. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. A SWOT matrix, also sometimes referred to as TOWS, provides a useful strategic planning tool for understanding the current status of your strategy by categorizing each business factor by their origin, internal factors vs external factors, and their overall effect, positive factors vs negative factors.

This streamlined SWOT template is a SWOT analysis tool for either business strategy or personal SWOT analysis. Similar to PEST analysis, the SWOT matrix will quickly surface internal factors and external factors driving your business. Strengths might be competitive advantage or market position; weaknesses could include negative factors like poor business strategy; opportunities might be new products or new opportunities within new markets; threats could include government regulations or a negative external environment. Use this framework to target external opportunities, manage and eliminate threats, identify environmental factors, and grow your internal strengths.

Marketing Plan

Successful business planning starts with a strong marketing plan. Whether you are a small business drafting your first business plan or you are a global corporation launching a new product, a marketing strategy is an important part of the planning process. For even the most seasoned marketing team, the marketing process can be overwhelming - trade shows, email marketing, marketing budget, etc.

This marketing plan template provides a sample marketing plan that tracks all types of marketing goals - social media campaign, new product launch, market research, marketing executive summary, and every other type of marketing efforts you might have. When thinking through marketing objectives and target markets, a marketing plan template focuses efforts toward your end marketing goals. Using measurable marketing metrics allows you to determine if you have reached your target audience, stayed within your marketing budget, achieved the right marketing mix, met all of your customer needs, or reached a successful return on investment. Common tools like SWOT analysis can be beneficial when prioritizing your business plan, defining your customer base, or finding your competitive advantage, but a marketing plan template takes your planning process one step further by translating your marketing activity into an actionable game plan.

Publishing Campaigns

Track your publishing campaigns and vendor costs.

Growth Experiments

Are you a startup founder looking for the best way to get your great product in use by the masses? Other entrepreneurs and developers have had great luck using a scientific approach to finding the best tricks for their growth team to implement. This template is perfect for providing structure to your growth experiment process.

Successful growth hacking involves applying the scientific method to your growth hacking experiments. Use the structure of this template to thoroughly track and record your experiments and establish and organize a strong growth process.

Keeping all of your failed and successful experiments in one place makes it easier to track patterns. Sort your successful experiments out from the failures with the click of a mouse, or check the calendar view to see the start and end dates of your ongoing marketing experiments. With this template, you can develop a framework to use when you brainstorm ideas, and watch your growth process get more focused.

Growth Experiments Planning and Execution

If you’re in charge of growth and marketing at a startup and looking for something a bit more in depth than our Growth Experiments template to help you revolutionize your customer acquisition strategy, this is the template for you.

This template can help you brainstorm, plan, prioritize, and track execution of your growth experiments, whether you’re a growth team at a startup building out a growth hacking strategy, a marketing team at a growing firm hoping to better organize a complex customer acquisition strategy, or a large team seeking to manage a multi-faceted marketing strategy ranging from traditional marketing and digital marketing techniques, to more agile, analytically-oriented growth hacking techniques.

Featuring multiple views including an experiment calendar, an experiment workflow kanban, and a personal task tracker, this template makes it easy for budding growth hackers to keep on top of their experiments. The brainstorming view makes it easy to enter all of your potential growth hacks in, and how much additional development each one needs. You can also sort experiments by how much development they need or by priority to determine how to focus your growth team’s efforts to best get new customers.

Product planning

Customer stories? Sprints? Epics? If hearing those words gets you excited for rapid product development, then this is the template for you. This product planning template is perfect for teams of all sizes working throughout the product life cycle, whether you’re a startup iterating on a product concept searching for product/market fit or a large organization with significant market share deploying new features on a regular cadence.

This template is also flexible enough to act as your product team’s single source of truth through the entire product planning process, from tracking customer needs and market requirements, to developing product ideas, to launching your new product in the market. With this product planning template, new product development can be, dare we say it, fun?

With a variety of views, this product planning template enables each member of your team to see what matters most to them, without getting distracted. Filter down by date to quickly see when the next deploy is and what features are included. Try a kanban view to track the status of features through the various stages of the product life cycle. Or zoom out with the calendar view to see the product roadmap over the next few months. Whether you’re a product manager, engineering lead, or designer, this template allows you to see exactly what work needs to be done.

Project Tracker

Managing multiple projects with countless deadlines and many stakeholders is a challenge for even the most talented project manager. This project management template, useful for startups, small businesses, product and project managers, freelancers, consulting firms and more, can make even the most complex projects manageable.

You can use this template for projects of all types and sizes: whether you’re tracking a simple project that just needs a to-do list or you’re collaborating with team members in real-time on multiple projects with tasks, subtasks and even project budgets.

By consolidating all of your work in one place, this project tracker template can act as a single source of truth for your team. And by creating different views of your project management workflow, you can keep each team member focused on the status of their individual tasks, while also keeping executives up to date on the overall project status and project timeline.

Bug tracker

Itching for a better debugging process? This bug tracking system is ideal for QA analysts, test engineers, or any fast-moving team that needs a collaborative issue tracker to keep them on task. Being cloud based and eminently flexible, it’s especially useful for software development teams who employ an agile development process or who want to build a custom workflow to better align with the intricacies of their product.

Use this bug tracker with your team members to easily delegate bug fixing and bug tracking projects. This bug tracking system also comes equipped with a form for easy submission of bug reports.

The filtering options on this streamlined bug tracking tool let you rethink how you track and process bugs. Filter by priority to see the most critical issues first, or by status to see where progress is being made. Or, try filtering by the systems affected by your known bugs to prepare for potential customer complaints and provide stellar customer support.

User Feedback

Revolutionize your user experience with this simple user feedback template. Perfect for product managers, UX research teams, and customer support teams, personalize it to make it the exact feedback collection tool you need.

Take your customer support to the next level when you use this template to access all of your customer feedback in one place. Equipped with a tool for creating new feedback forms, it lets you consolidate your entire user testing and analysis process.

You can also sidestep the timesink of data entry by using Airtable’s forms, which automatically enter the user responses in the template, or uploading csv files to import the results of data from other sources, like your usability tests. With all your user testing information in this searchable and filterable template, your support team can easily find patterns.

Competitor Tracking

Keep a watchful eye on your competitors with this base. Whether you’re established in your field and scanning the horizon for upstart competitors, or you’re the scrappy upstart looking to dethrone the incumbent, you can use this template to compare pricing, marketing materials, and features to ensure that you come out on top.

Product launch

A product launch is the culmination of all your team’s work and effort and nailing a launch plan is critical to building buzz and excitement. Wow your target audience by using this template to make sure that you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s for all your launch preparation.

This product launch template is ideal for all types of teams, whether you’re a startup finally bringing that new product to market, a product manager on a small team, or a product team within a larger organization. And this product launch template is flexible enough to adapt to your product launch strategy, whatever it may be, whether you’re publishing a press release, or planning a whole launch event with social media promotion to boot.

What makes this template particularly powerful is the ability to create personalized views for each member of the team. The product marketing team, for example, might want to use the calendar view to quickly see important dates while negotiating marketing opportunities with partners. The product and engineering team, on the other hand, might want to use the kanban view to track the status of features as the launch date comes near. With this template, you can view exactly what you need to get your work done without getting bogged down in extraneous details.