And alternatives.

Zapier Platform - open source

huginn/huginn - Create agents that monitor and act on your behalf. Your agents are standing by!

  • Ruby,

DataFire/DataFire - an open source framework for building and integrating APIs. It provides over 1000 integrations

  • Integration list
  • DataFire keeps your project’s code stored in a Git repository, so you can work on your project anywhere. You can also link a GitHub account if you want to use your own repo.
  • Pricing
  • Each project comes with 100 free GB-seconds - that’s about enough to run one task every hour. After that, it’s $0.001 per GB-second.

Node-RED - Low-code programming for event-driven applications. NodeJS. Browser-based flow editing.

StackStorm - seems pretty powerful automation platform, probably more for dev/engr applications than personal

Beehive - an event and agent system, which allows you to create your own agents that perform automated tasks triggered by events and filters. It is modular, flexible and really easy to extend for anyone. It has modules (we call them Hives), so it can interface with, talk to, or retrieve information from Twitter, Tumblr, Email, IRC, Jabber, RSS, Jenkins, Hue - to name just a few.

Standard Library - Use Standard Library to run custom workflows in response to events using APIs. Our products work together to automatically generate application code, host custom logic, and handle authentication across multiple apps.

  • Build on Standard Library is a visual, form-based prototyping tool and management suite for building app-to-app API workflows that get triggered by events. For example, saving a record in Airtable after a message is posted in Slack .
  • We automatically generate and host your application logic for you as part of a project that can be exported to a git repository. In fact, you can deploy ready-made apps directly from GitHub. This means your solutions are robust, portable and endlessly customizable.
  • Pricing
    • Free: unlimited workflow projects, steps per workflow, 3 linked resources per project (e.g. Airtable Base, Slack app)
    • $15/month - unlimited linked resources per project
  • Seems nice and flexible, not many built-ins

Pipedream - Run any Node.js code, or use pre-built actions.

  • Show HN: Pipedream. Develop any workflow, on any trigger, with auth and no infra
  • Trigger workflows with HTTP requests, cron, or email. Generate a workflow-specific endpoint URL or email address in one click, or run your workflows as cron jobs up to once a minute.
  • Introducing Pipedream
  • Pricing - We believe anyone should be able to run simple, low-volume workflows at no cost, sharing their workflows with the public so everyone benefits from the work of others. We also want to foster a positive community where people feel good about sharing their work and where everyone can learn from one another.
    • Your data is private, always, but workflows you author are made public as soon as you save them. Thingpedia by Stanford.

Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) - $15 user/month, unlimited flows

IFTTT - free for basic usage.

  • Free: 250 actions/month, 5 bots, single action bots
  • $50/month: 10K actions/month, 50 bots, multi action bots, premium apps

Quora: What are some alternatives to Zapier

Product Hunt: Zapier Alternatives

Boomi - some of their stuff on GitHub

AlternativeTo Zapier that are Open Source - Min enterprise is 200 EU / month.