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2023 Web Hacking Roadmap // How To Bug Bounty

0xmaximus/Galaxy-Bugbounty-Checklist: Tips and Tutorials for Bug Bounty and also Penetration Tests.

The secrets of automation-kings in bug bounty

(24) 0xblackbird ⚡️⚡️ on Twitter: “A complete guide to becoming a bug bounty hunter with resources, complete steps on what to learn, and just everything else related to it! It’s free! Subscribe to not miss out (won’t take more than a few seconds) #bugbounty #bugbountytips https://t.co/9XyesmOcUT https://t.co/vdVJhEkD2P” / Twitter

Katie Paxton-Fear: The Bug Bounty Hunter & YouTube Creator - YouTube

(19) Lupin on Twitter: “Recently @UnderscoreTalk released the replay video of my interview ! Since then I received a lot of messages asking how to get started in Web Application Bug Bounty Hunting. Here are some tips that helped me at the beginning and I’ll try to take out the obvious ones👇” / Twitter

(19) rez0 on Twitter: “Bug bounty is a lot of luck. But YOU control how many times you roll the dice. Here’s 5 ways to maximize your luck of finding a bug: 👇” / Twitter

[How to write excellent reports, techniques that save Triager’s time, and mistakes that should be avoided in reports Bugcrowd](https://www.bugcrowd.com/resources/levelup/how-to-write-excellent-reports-techniques-that-save-triagers-time-and-mistakes-that-should-be-avoided-in-reports/)