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The Many Ways to Access RDS

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Finding the “minimum permissions” for an IAM policy can feel like playing a game of Whac-A-Mole. Our latest blog post discusses best practices for defining least privilege IAM policies so you can avoid the back-and-forth.

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(20) Seshu Pasam on Twitter: “Many #CSPM and #CIEM use-cases rely on #AWS #CloudTrail. Lets check how good it is! AWS CloudTrail — The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: #IAM” / Twitter

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I like what AWS has done with its IAM Roles Anywhere release; as a refresher, it lets you get an IAM role anywhere you have a certificate signed by your designated certificate authority. That said, this stuff is finicky to get right–so AWS has launched its rolesanywhere-credential-helper, a reference implementation that’ll help you get your own implementation dialed in.

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(23) Aidan W Steele on Twitter: “I regret to inform that I am extremely back on my bullshit. I’ve been thinking about connectivity in unusual places. And I got to thinking: can I establish bidirectional connectivity over the Internet between two EC2 instances in private subnets without a third-party relay?” / Twitter

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awslabs/terraform-iam-policy-validator: A command line tool that validates AWS IAM Policies in a Terraform template against AWS IAM best practices

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Cloud Permissions

A quick overview of AWS principals, identity-based policies, and resource-based policies

Implement IAM Permission Boundaries with AWS SSO using Terraform
Chris McKinnel

AWS IAM Security Best Practices

Data Perimeter Workshop

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google/k8s-digester: Add digests to container and init container images in Kubernetes pod and pod template specs. Use either as a mutating admission webhook, or as a client-side KRM function with kpt or kustomize.

Deepfence ThreatMapper 1.4 Unveils Open Source Threat Graph to Visualize Cloud Native Threat Landscape | Business Wire

  • ThreatGraph, a powerful a new feature that uses runtime context like network flows to prioritize threat scan results and enables organizations to narrow down attack path alerts from thousands to a handful of the most meaningful (and threatening)
  • Agentless cloud security posture management (CSPM) of cloud assets mapped to various compliance controls like CIS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2, and more
  • YaraHunter, the industry’s first open source malware scanner for cloud native environments

Should AWS really be the default go-to option?

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(20) Zack Kanter on Twitter: “Google Cloud will never be profitable. It is borderline impossible for a company whose core product is high margin to build cost discipline in a low-margin secondary product. AWS’s biggest advantage is being borne from (and run like) a low margin core business.” / Twitter

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glassechidna/trackiam: A project to collate IAM actions, AWS APIs and managed policies from various public sources.

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Noovolari/leapp: Leapp is the DevTool to access your cloud

I’m the maintainer of an open-source Desktop App and CLI that works in a similar way, it manages OKTA as identity provider in order to generate short lived credentials and rotate them locally!

Threat Alert: New Attack Vector Targeting Your Cloud Environment

Attacker’s Tactics and Techniques in Unsecured Docker Daemons Revealed

Infrastructure-as-code templates are the source of many cloud infrastructure weaknesses

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