Container Security

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What your scanner doesn’t know can hurt you

Kubernetes CRD validation with CEL and kubebuilder marker comments

I have written a blog post on developing validations for Kubernetes CRDS with CEL & kubebuilder marker comments. This feature is still in beta phase & got introduced couple of weeks ago in Kubernetes 1.25. Please have a look & let me know your thoughts!

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Exploiting Distroless Images

Pod Security Standards - CloudSecDocs

sighupio/permission-manager: Permission Manager is a project that brings sanity to Kubernetes RBAC and Users management, Web UI FTW

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Exploring Kubernetes Operator Pattern

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User and workload identities in Kubernetes

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Notes on running containers with bubblewrap

Network Service Mesh

Audit Kubernetes Clusters Collection of tools useful when auditing a Kubernetes cluster and its RBAC policies.

[Introducing GKE Autopilot Google Cloud Blog]( TODO Check out this threat model for a serverless platform. Attackers execute stuff in our sandbox, but:

  • you get 10ms CPU
  • you’re in a v8 isolate sandbox
  • you have layer 7 restrictions
  • and if you smell salty, you get rescheduled to a confined VM

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