Sprinkle your Rooting Powder on the compromised system for instant privilege escalation

when your coworker just repeats what you said earlier in the meeting but gets the praise

small raise, high inflation, wow this is worthless


May your Easter be full of all klinds of gains–happy-easter-gym-humor.jpg

Now you’re just some bunny that i used to know–chocolate-bunny-chocolate-meme.jpg

A trex disguised as an easter bunny your argument is invalid

I just feel like they don’t carrot all

Stevie Wonder - I know I won’t see you but happy easter

354 days a year don’t eat food off the ground, easter go find eggs and eat what’s inside

Jesus coming out of tomb - YOLO? Speak for yourself

Rest TIL “that’s showbiz baby” is not an acceptable response when your manager tells you about your latest mistake ChatGPTea and it just tells you all the juicy gossip from other companies

Albert einstein - insanity is doing same thing over and expecxting different results. Machine learning - look over

Deep learning - guy reading under water*toOE09syOgAV7KlRmth-UA.jpeg

  • US army wants to create biodegradable bullets that plant flowers
  • US schools in 5 years - flowers

  • Girls be like I’m polly - want a cracker?

  • lionesses have sex 20-40 times a day in heat, bite male’s balls if he can’t keep up

  • Guys walking past “nice cake” to girl - actual cake behind her

  • bullets - cure for pedophilia, if you shoot child - necrophilia

  • Priest broke confession seal and chose husband I cheated

  • we’re not dating - do you want to date? yeah

  • perfect woman, 6’8, pure muscle, only eat raw meat…

  • you can make one thing 5% bigger, what do you choose? Poverty just found out a friend got into trouble for using version control at work. they got written up for subversion

Someone figured out my password, now I need to rename my dog

me telling my Gen Z coworkers how we used to put on hard pants and go into the office every day

  • i’ve always wanted a man who could tell i was jewish right away, in my blood, german

if god turns his back on you, grab his ass

gamer insults - increase your credit score

For those who say hardware 2FA tokens have no use today. - beer

Couple has healthy conversations and validates each others emotions - PornHub

Bro what are you going to eat? Whatever mom is cooking

Me and the girl I just used Cloroform on

A vibrator is not enough I need a chainsaw

What do you want,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/ Conscious uncoupling herbal tea

(20) Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens on Twitter: “” / Twitter Zeus, you are my father - do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down

Friend Suggesting Something Illegal

LinkedIn posturing


The PR Team - ransomware - encryption event He’s probably thinking about other women Why was my open rate so low this week?

502 bad gateway


(20) Nathan W. Pyle on Twitter: “” / Twitter Have you been helped? By so many people my entire life. If you sleep on your side that means your leg sleeps on a bed made of your other leg

(20) Mason Faust on Twitter: “When tech bros get into RE” / Twitter

  • We buy apartments and charge people a monthly subscription
  • You mean you rent apartments to people?
  • No, it’s housing-as-a-service

When your kid asks for a switch for Christmas - gives him physical switch Lookign in mirror: You’re not a cost center, you’re a value center

When you forward the email they accused you of never sending

Gaslighting vs bladerunning

33 Jokes About Math You Almost Definitely Won’t Be Able To Understand

Me and the boys ready for zoom (short shorts)

When your phone has no signal and you go all lion king on it

Wake up hustlers, let’s get this bread - Baskin Robbins

Fuck you, pay me candles

d/dx - eX - I’ll change him Generation tech - make it all about you Series C Crunch

(20) anna melissa 🏀✨ on Twitter: “this is my favorite clip on the internet” / Twitter The more you fuck around, the more you find out

THE BOOMER CLOUD SAYS: (@CloudBoomer) / Twitter

Dagobert Renouf on Twitter: “The story of a startup in 10 memes. 1. We’re all naive at the beginning” / Twitter I ? unicode bumper sticker how boys want to be treated when their homies aren’t around (held)

Matt LeBlanc - How you DUNE

  • Reality: entry level marketer
  • LinkedIn: Innovative thought leader, visionary, …

SF is the wild west man - note left by someone trying to steal the guy’s catalytic converter, but shot him with a BB gun instead

(23) Anna Swartz on Twitter: “recently discovered you can push text scammers to their breaking point simply by playing along with the scam” / Twitter

(9) Corey Quinn on Twitter: “Never change, @awscloud. “Ignore what people say about us, we’re the only reputable source about whether you should work here” in a job ad posted on @BlindApp. Honestly if I were trying to impersonate you to make you look bad I wouldn’t have done this good of a job.” / Twitter

This is the code of conduct for anyone visiting my apt - please don’t tell anyone who I live

(3) An Post Malone on Twitter: “There are no vegan men, just..” / Twitter There are no vegan men, just plant-based kings. I got two wolves inside of me, and they won’t stop fucking

(3) Ukrainian Memes Forces on Twitter: “” / Twitter What people think aggreements with Russia look like, what actually are - toilet paper

Amazon basics giving itself an award

love it with a caveat

(1) No pain, no gain (cat edition) : aww

hakluke (@hakluke 👨‍💻🚀) Tweeted: I just realised that there is @Iinux and @linux. One starts with an uppercase i, the other starts with a lowercase L.

The one that starts with the uppercase i is hilarious and should really be the official Linux account.

LivFaustDieJung (@Ukraine Memes for NATO Teens) Tweeted: Unless you’ve seen this before I promise you, you have no fucking idea how this ends.

CoinersTakingLs (@Crypto Bros Taking Ls) Tweeted: