I was chatting with my bud David Scrobonia recently, and he gave me some really interesting feedback on how he used tl;dr sec and what might make it more useful.

If you’d be done to have a quick chat, I’d love to ask you a few informal questions about tl;dr sec.

We can also chat about security in general, cool stuff your company is working on or you want to brainstorm about, or just to hear another human being breathing, an act of defiance against this cold, cruel world.

Email me directly and we’ll find a time.

Job Openings

I know now is a tough time for a lot of people– many great security professionals are looking for their next role, by choice or not.

Here are a couple of openings people have told me about:

  • Head of Product Security for two medium-sized companies
  • A “Security Architect” for a medium-sized company
  • A Principal+ “lead IC for all of InfoSec. Design, direction, vision, IC SME for all sub-teams with a focus on AppSec” at a medium-sized company
  • A senior AppSec engineer at a medium-sized company, an AppSec engineer at a small company
  • SOC/IR and ProdSec roles at Moonpig (London) - TODO job link from Tash
  • https://jobs.hiretual.com/hiretual/security-architect-enterprise-data-and-service-integration-mountain-view-ca-us-dOOaGnaR
  • an experienced consulting senior manager/director to lead research, methodologies, and consultant management. If you have anybody you recommend in the 8 to 15yrs - include security

If these sound interestingt to you, I’m happy to make an intro, send me a link to your LinkedIn and attach your resume. Best of luck out there my friends, you got this!

Also, feel free to email me a link to a job description at your company.