exaloop/codon: A high-performance, zero-overhead, extensible Python compiler using LLVM

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Gergely Orosz on Twitter: “If you think that big tec uses testing/staging envs… think again. Shipping to production is the new “staging”… BUT with plenty of guardrails. Facebook, Uber, and Twitter all work like that. With tenancies, feature flags, staged rollout. Wrote more about it (cont’d):” / Twitter

[Algorithms & Data Structures Learn Algorithms with TypeScript for Interviews](

OCaml at First Glance - (think)

The Jupyter+git problem is now solved ·

SinaKarvandi/Hypervisor-From-Scratch: Source code of a multiple series of tutorials about the hypervisor. Available at:


teivah/100-go-mistakes: Source code and community space of 📖 100 Go Mistakes

The disproportionate influence of early tech decisions —

algorithm-visualizer/algorithm-visualizer: Interactive Online Platform that Visualizes Algorithms from Code

Building data-centric apps with a reactive relational database H/T Casey Aylward.

hemanth/functional-programming-jargon: Jargon from the functional programming world in simple terms!

Dev tools: The ex-Googler guide