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Batuhan (developer-guy) APAYDIN,

How to verify container images with Kyverno using KMS, Cosign, and Workload Identity | by developer-guy | sigstore Managing Kyverno Policies as OCI Artifacts with OCIRepository Sources | Flux Verify the integrity of the Helm Charts stored in OCI-compliant registries as OCI artifacts | Flux Prove the Authenticity of OCI Artifacts | Flux Tekton Chains: The Supply Chain Security Manager for your Tekton Pipelines - CD Foundation

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Threat Alert: Private npm Packages Disclosed via Timing Attacks

We at Aqua Nautilus have discovered that npm’s API allows threat actors to execute a timing attack that can detect whether private packages exist on the package manager. By creating a list of possible package names, threat actors can detect organizations’ scoped private packages and then masquerade public packages, tricking employees and users into downloading them.

We have disclosed this information to GitHub which, in response, replied that this architecture of the API is by design.

“Architectural nuances prevent us from systematically preventing timing attacks from determining whether a specific package exists.”

Dino A. Dai Zovi on Twitter: “The control that you really want here is binary authorization (aka BinAuthz) where your production compute only accepts artifacts signed by the key expected for the production build pipeline. This can be enforced by a k8s admission controller, for example. Developers init deploy.” / Twitter

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oss-ssc-framework/ at main · microsoft/oss-ssc-framework This guide outlines and defines how to securely consume Open Source Software (OSS) dependencies into the developer’s workflow. This paper is split into two parts: a solution-agonistic set of practices and a maturity model-based implementation guide. TODO

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(2) Chip Zoller on Twitter: “New week, new blog: Attesting Image Scans with Kyverno Learn how to provide regular, attested vulnerability scans and enforce them using a combination of @github Action, @AquaSecTeam Trivy, @projectsigstore Cosign, and @kyverno all within @kubernetesio.” / Twitter

All software is guilty until proven innocent - FCW

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SPDX Becomes Internationally Recognized Standard for Software Bill of Materials

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