Very old ones from the prior

  • Fix RSS feed link
  • Finish body text for index home page
  • Add MailChimp form at the bottom of the home page
    • Added Google Analytics to MailChimp account
    • Linked @programanalysis Twitter account to MailChimp (Oauth authorized app)
  • Add logo for our Twitter account
    • Tweet at least a thing or two from our Twitter account, Shellcon training tweet
  • Add logo for our GH account
  • Include google analytics ID in _config.yml
  • Verify ownership of in Google Search Console
  • Update LinkedIn banner to be like Twitter banner - CTA for tl;dr sec
  • Update start here page with panel summary
  • Improve site speed using Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Apply SEO lessons from Technical Blogging book
  • Consider updating About / Research page to be more like:
  • On newsletter page, iterate through posts and display all that have summary tag + their description
  • Update LinkedIn profile description, add tl;dr sec as job entry (many ppl visiting due to tl;dr sec)
  • Consider adding profile headshot and better styling to testimonials on exit pop up window, like (see bottom)

  • Add search for this site (after some posts are live) - see links in search section below

Create searchable/filterable tl;dr sec resources page


I think the link descriptions/lengths are fine. If you’re regularly discussing/reviewing new tools – perhaps you could have a central repository/site that you can reference with all the tools you’ve reviewed and maybe categorized too…. since they date quickly and finding tools is often difficult (and they date quickly).


Hm, i really like your idea of having a central repository/site with links to everything I’ve referenced in any tl;dr sec newsletter. Definitely tools, but maybe even blog posts, talks, etc too. I’ve found for my own use there have been a couple of cases where I want to find a tool or article I linked in one of the newsletters but I forget which one so I have to click through several editions until I find it.

Represent all snippets as JSON - content as Markdown, + attributes like if it’s a Tweet, article, blog post, tool, etc.

  • Source (where I found it)
  • Company
  • Arbitrary tags
  • Allow full text search, and filter based on these options

Could re-use much of this UI for conference search.

Start Here page

  • Update copy on banner
  • Choose a better banner image

Newsletter page

  • dnichols text - stop making it so good, have to keep coming back to it.
  • Tejas ppa email - always learn something


  • Create a customized Email Campaign Archive page
    • Go to the [Audience page] (, then click the “Manage Audience” button and select “Signup Forms”.
    • Select “Form builder” then in the dropdown select “Campaign Archive page” under the “Other Bits” section header.
  • Create a custom landing page for the newsletter?
    • Or just flesh out the /newsletter page more with testimonials, show social proof via conference talks etc.

Misc from GitHub Issues

  • Consider adding Mixpanel to the overall template
    • Indicative is a Mixpanel alternative that may be cheaper for our use
      • Customer Analytics for Everyone - Indicative is the only customer analytics platform for product managers, marketers, and data analysts that connects directly to your data warehouse.
    • Could give us some useful users analytics in terms of how people navigate our site.
    • Not pressing (if we ever do this), Google Analytics gives a fair amount of detail (which I normally don’t regularly look at anyway at this point).
  • Add cards promoting security lint’s features to its marketing site
    • or

Research page:

  • Add “Research we’ve overseen” - Singularity, Dan Hastings, Tracy, Vikas
  • Embed positive tweets people have had about about the various talks I’ve given
  • Add summary blurbs for “Analyzing Security Trends Across 100 Companies”
  • Add summary blurbs for “Miscellaneous Talks”
  • Add PDF links for academic papers
  • Add blurb at the top of the page that quickly summarizes all of the different series of works and links to them.
  • Add media coverage for GitPwnd, media coverage for 100 companies summary (Eduard Kovacs)

  • Create an About Us page with both of our bios and info, links to personal sites
  • Create Masthead navigation links
  • Consider restructuring page like the following, has nice blocked off sections listing each talk and the multiple times it was given -

Newsletter page:

  • Some great copy here: